Exactly What To Understand About Ear Infections In Adults

Chicken pox can be a bit different for adults than it is for children. When it comes to an urgent care clinic, Lafayette Hill residents might visit if they believe that they have the chicken pox. Knowing more about how this condition can affect you as an adult allows you to better prepare for it should you develop it.

What is the Chicken Pox?


This is an infection that results from a virus referred to as varicella-zoster. It can cause a wide range of symptoms and most people become infected as children. However, it can affect those over the age of 15, including older adults in uncommon cases. If you never had this infection as a child, there is a risk of getting it as an adult. However, if you had a moderate to severe case when you were a kid, there is a good chance that you are immune to it due to your body developing antibodies when you had the infection to fight it off.

Learning About the Symptoms

Adults and children usually experience the same symptoms. However, in adults, they tend More Bonuses to be a lot more severe and more difficult to cope with. Chicken pox symptoms may include:

-Loss of appetite

-Malaise and fatigue



The rash that click this link occurs is the most characteristic symptom of this infection. In most cases, you will experience this rash over the course of three phases:

-Phase One: The rash develops over several days and has the appearance of pink or red papules

-Phase Two: During this phase, blisters start to form and will last for about a day before they click reference begin to break and ooze the fluid inside

-Phase Three: During this phase, those blisters that occurred and broke will start to scab and crust over

Proper Diagnosis and Treatment

In most cases, your doctor will be able to diagnose this infection by simply looking at it. A lesion sample could be take if your doctor needs further confirmation. The following are considered to be the most common treatments since there is no cure and treatments are merely supportive care:

-Medications that contain antihistamines might help to alleviate the symptom of itching and could help with your rash

-If your fever or headache are particularly bothersome, your doctor might recommend an over-the-counter medication to help reduce them

You can see that when it comes to the chicken pox, this condition often affects adults very differently than it does children. However, now that you have more information, you will know when you might need to visit an urgent care clinic in Lafayette Hill for your symptoms.

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